31 August 2010

Keith Olbermann Special Comment: There Is No 'Ground Zero Mosque' - 08/1...

Stunning. Truly stunning. This is someone with a firm grasp of the issue expertly calling out the damage that the current US hatemongering can cause. I hope he isn't drowned out too much by the less sane individuals out there.

Ground Zero Mosque?

This is everything that's wrong with the American media nicely explained by a grumpy brit. I can't believe so many Americans still believe their TV news.

Charlie Brooker - Ground Zero Mosque

01 July 2010

Secondary Concerns

This is an amazingly well written description of the challenges of writing good secondary dialogue for a computer game. Also why the audio in Splinter Cell: Conviction was so abysmal that it virtually ruined the game.

Post-Hype: Secondary Concerns

28 April 2010

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19 February 2010

Why DVD (and game) piracy is so popular

This is something that's been bugging me a lot since I joined lovefilm and started really watching a lot of rented DVDs, but explained in a really nice format:

Why piracy works

And there's a very similar situation with PC games, only even worse:

You maniacs!

The DVD one in particular is annoying me because I pay £15 a month to rent DVDs, but they get to me slower and in a less user-friendly form than if I just torrented the damn things. And they repeatedly shout at me about how piracy is theft before every film. Grrrrrr.

I heard about a DVD that someone rented recently which started with a screen saying "Thanks for supporting the industry" and then went right into the film. Must have been an indie flick.