30 November 2007

This is awesome.

Automated advert placement is the best comedy invention since the whoopie cushion.

Inappropriate Ad

27 November 2007

I love the Japanese!

Two different pranks on this clip that you could only get away with in Japan. I wish we could just laugh at stuff like this in England without health and safety concerns.

21 November 2007

Secret Spaces - Brittania Manor

That's one hell of a house. I wonder if it ever gets boring activating all the secret latches.

20 November 2007

Copyright gone all wrong?

This is an interesting article about how an average American (I'm sure it's roughly the same for the UK too) racks up millions of dollars of copyright infringement liability in an average day, even if he doesn't go near one of the much publicised file sharing networks.

It's not exactly scary, because it's never going to be enforced, but it does show just how broken the system is.


13 November 2007

Inventive use of technology

I was looking for some software that would move my mouse periodically to prevent a time out on a Terminal Services connection when I came across this:


Things like this always make me smile :-)

08 November 2007

DRM Hell

A good, real-world example of DRM doing what it does best: being eeeeeeevil.

Baseball fans in America who have purchased videos of full games of baseball, from the MLB no less, have found that the DRM license server (which is used to ensure that only those people who have paid can see the footage) has been shut down. As a result all of those videos will now no longer play.

I think there are two key questions raised by this:

1) Will this push honest consumers more towards illegal pirate copies of games taken from HD TV recordings?

2) Why the hell would anyone want to watch a baseball game twice?

Yet again DRM proves that it makes only the honest suffer and makes people suspicious of downloadable content.

Source (Via Digg)

03 November 2007

Japanese crazy taxi extreme prank!!!

What. The. Hell.

I don't think he was too happy. I'm guessing he didn't tip the driver.