26 June 2007


Well, I watched Hostel last night and I wasn't terribly impressed. I was expecting an ultra-gory horror classic but instead I got a bad Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake with a story that just didn't make any sense.

One of the worst parts was the awfully drawn-out and tacked-on conversation nearing the end which only seemed to be there to explain the plot to anyone who somehow had failed to get it by then.

In fact, the hostel of the title was completely unnecessary and illogical too. Surely there's no need to build a luxurious hostel and populate it with naked super models to lure gullible americans into a kidnapping when everybody in the country seems to work for you.

There were a few scenes that were downright unpleasant to watch, which is actually a good thing in this kind of film, but most of them were somewhat spoilt by the instant recovery of the recipients who seem to possess godlike pain tolerance. Suspension of disbelief shouldn't be so necessary if a director does his job well, especially in a horror flick.

12 June 2007

07 June 2007

06 June 2007

Microsoft threatens its Most Valuable Professional (theregister.co.uk)

A bit of a slip up there, Microsoft awards someone for writing a utility that improves their development software, then writes them a series of threatening letters because they think it's hurting their business.

Just another case of the left hand not knowing what the right is doing I hope, though withdrawing a new award seems to indicate that both hands are now in sync and they've decided to go with the nasty one.

It's always frustrating when someone puts in their own time and hard work to do something that's useful for many people and get bullied into retracting it.

If we didn't have proprietary software, where would the innovation come from? People like this who are being stifled by proprietary software vendors, that's where.

05 June 2007

Al Gore on The Daily Show

Just think how different the USA might be today if this man was leading them. I still find it hard to believe that the race was so close despite the candidates being so... errr... different.

If the same election was carried out today I have a suspicion that Gore would walk away with it.

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