18 February 2008

Bush vs. Left Wing Bloggers

America must surely be the only democracy in the world where "left wing" is used as an insult. I would have thought the McCarthy mindset might have faded just a little by now.


14 February 2008

American Nuclear Weapons Safety

Well this is terrifying. Pakistan is concerned about the safety of the US nuclear weapons procedures. Especially since a B-52 has been sent into the air with a payload of nuclear weapons by mistake in 2007... Nobody on board knew that they were carrying nuclear weapons.

I think the quote below shows the remarkable arrogance of the US military in a very succinct way.

"Iqhman added the Pakistani government would be willing to offer technical advice and assistance to the United States on improving its nuclear weapons handling procedures. Speaking anonymously because of the issue's sensitivity, senior Pentagon officials said it is Washington's role to give, not receive, advice on nuclear weapons safety and surety issues."

Oh dear.

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