22 December 2006

Robotic Mule

They robot apocalypse draws ever closer. Seriously, did they not watch the terminator?

11 December 2006

Cold seat?

Another photo from France. I have no idea what this means in French and I'm too lazy to find out, but I think it's better in English anyway.

What do you get for sitting on a stone bench for your wedding photos?


Granny Juice!

I've been meaning to post this somewhere for ages. I came across these very appetising bottles in a French supermarket.

Mmmmm... 100% Pur Jus de Granny.

Perhaps I should photoshop an old lady over the apple.

15 August 2006

First Post

Well, since every man and his domesticated animal of choice seems to have a blog these days I thought I may as well jump on the bandwagon. Who knows, it might actually lend some purpose to this little corner of the web where I've been quietly squatting for the past few years.

The idea is just to give me a place to record my thoughts and musings, but since I don't have all that many thoughts passing through my head on an average day, it's entirely possible that it'll stay more-or-less empty for a good long while.

Well, that's enough for a first post. Once I see that this publishes successfully I'll be able to blog with confidence whenever the mood takes me.

Bye for now,